Buen Camino

2019 r.

The works herein presented are numbers contrived on the basis of my own experiences. But it is not the description of the events themselves that interests me here, merely my personal relations to them, my very own view of the world. I would like to enter into the essence of the occurrence, the vision, the phenomenon, into the detail itself, and therefore through an individual interpretation discover to a degree its universal sense and meaning.

And here the matter is not in looking but in seeing. In order to see one needs to close one’s eyes, to find oneself in complete darkness. It’s not a question of listening but of hearing. In order to really hear at times one needs to be at the very heart of the hurricane. In order to cross over that border that is cognition, one has to reach the very boundaries of one’s senses. Of one’s possibilities and to admit their subsequent failures or one’s own weakness.

And so my point is to convey a most personal recollection of the world, of my world. Experiences colliding with one’s own weakness, and in this being a bounding condition one essential to open up to another form of effectiveness, one lucid and true, emanating from beyond me, something defining that very moment at which the very tale became universal. And which may well in fact be of value for others.

1. idę [I’m going]
2. hymn o miłości [Anthems of Love]
3. Gruz [Rubble]
4. Kotek [The Kitten]
5. jeśli chcesz [If You Want]
6. Skacz [Jump]
7. chce się wyć [It Wants to Howl]
8. w nocy śniegu mgle [Mists in a Night of Snow]

Music and lyrics – Artur Olender

Bartek Grzanek – guitar, vocals
Artur Michalski – keyboard instruments
Wojciech Famielec – bass guitar
Dawid Niziurski – drums

Rafał Dolinski – additional vocals (1,2,5,7,8)
Marcin Bors – percussion instruments (1,2,5,7, guitar (5,7), backing voices (2,7,8)

Recording production – Marcin Bors
Assistant – Szymon Orchowski, Paweł Kalwak
Production, mixing, mastering – Marcin Bors

The material was produced at the Tall Pine Records Studio in Kolbudy over the period of the 3-6 April 2018 as well as at Fonoplastykon in Sucha Beskidzka

Buen Camino – 2019
Buen Camino – 2019
Buen Camino – 2019
Buen Camino – 2019

Piotr Damasiewicz & Dominik Wania

The Way, The Truth, and The Life – According to Artur Olender


Buen Camino

Noc Ciemna

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Buen Camino

Warto żyć [Living is Worth it]

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Buen Camino

2019 r.

Artur Olender

Droga [The Way]

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2010 r.
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