The Way, The Truth and the Life is a project that draws its inspiration from and is set in the expanse of the pilgrims’ way of Camino de Santiago. A route undertaken by pilgrims from various parts of the world for over a thousand years, and that has its culmination at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostella. The stories of these pilgrimages – the physical, the psychic and the spiritual, are as many as there are the stories of the individual pilgrims themselves.

And what decides on the concrete path for us to follow are the answers funded within the freedom to choose meetings that occur with others and with the signs on the road of our pilgrimage. The content and form of these pilgrimages can be any which way. However, their actual aim is defined by what in fact our hearts really yearn the most.

The reality of the yearnings of our heart is deeply embedded in all of us. The road is an intuitive process that allows us to sculpt from that block of life entrusted to each and everyone of us its individual unique shape. That which has been in it for ever. However, it is from the chisel of our own free decisions that determines what in fact we do etch out from the block – whether a beautiful, good, noble and true form; or whether we destroy its potential, falsifying it into a pointless pile of rubble.

Inspiration for the subsequent movements of the hands striking with the chisel may be the stories told by those who have already passed their own way ahead of us. And it is worth drawing on this heritage in order not to waste the valuable energy of one’s own breath on paths that lead in fact nowhere. And it is worth sharing your stories with others. Tales of what we have done with the enchanted energy obtained in the block of our universe.

And although we do have a deciding impact on what we expend our energy on, it is worth remembering that the fundamental rule for physics concerning the conservation of energy states that the form of energy may change but the energy itself cannot be either created or destroyed.

The Way, the Truth and the Life is an expanse in which tales are planted along with reflections that could constitute inspiration for others to undertake that change which reveals and enables the choice of route in the light of a truth that we are merely trustees of the eternal life-bestowing energy deposited into our hands. Of the energy that allows one to grasp out for Hope.

That route upon which all of our stories comprise the final chord.

Wojciech Jędrzejewski OP

Wojciech Jędrzejewski OP
Wojciech Jędrzejewski OP

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